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Dream Emporium - Comments

Dream Emporium - a collection of guide to all matters relating to dreams, covering why we dream, keeping a dream journal, the TTAQ method, dream symbols, nightmares & recurring dreams, night terrors, false awakening, sleep paralysis, sleep walking & talking, lucid dreams, dream themes and triggers, helping children and more

Jessica   11-September-2001 - 22:50:39
Alot of thought and caring must have went into the making of this website, and it shows by the compassionate and friendly nature in which it is written and presented. The webmistress' views seem very logical and easy to understand, too. Just what I was looking for; I LOVE this site!!

Terry   10-July-2002 - 15:16:15
This is a great site, it really helped me alot with understanding why I was having frequent nightmares. It's a fun place to learn about dreams.

Jackson   26-July-2002 - 18:17:47
GREAT site! I like this one a lot, plan to bookmark and visit often. I especially liked her Personal Info page, it was fun reading, and loved the music and how she chose special music for each page. More than a run-of-the-mill webpage, this made learning about dreams interactive & FUN!

Kelly   26-July-2002 - 18:18:36
Love this site!

Ray J.   30-August-2002 - 01:18:31
This website is excellent, really helped me with a nightmare that I got over & over again.

Sara   10-September-2002 - 16:27:29
Awesome site, learned so much, awesome music, great look.

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