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Technique Private Lessons - Comments

Technique Private Lessons - illstrated online skiing lessons by a variety of instructors in novice, intermediate and expert categories with a special section for kids, including such lessons as "On Ice, Control the Skid", "Befriend the Bumps", "Safety Brakes for Crowded Slopes", "Make Your Skis Do Most of the Work", "Different Pole Actions for Different Turns", "Ski Longer and Stronger" and more

stanislav kovacevic   28-October-2005 - 06:01:53
This web site is fantastic. But I am not sure if beginers can have use of it because some basic knowledge is required. Many thanks for people who did that.

Allison Reams   07-January-11 - 10:27:05
Site not available as of 1/7/77

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