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Mind Tools - Memory Techniques and Mnemonics - Comments

Mind Tools - Memory Techniques and Mnemonics - a set of instructional articles on improving the power of your memory, including "Association, Imagination and Location", "Memory Fallacies", "Learning Styles and Mnemonics", "Link Method", "Alphabet System", "Journey Method", "Roman Room Method", "Major System", "Dominic System", "Learning Foreign Languages", "Using Mnemonics for Exams", "Remembering Peoples' Names " and more

Janese   16-August-11 - 08:57:46
You have shed a ray of sushnnie into the forum. Thanks!

Tangie   17-August-11 - 12:29:48
I am totlaly wowed and prepared to take the next step now.

Stella   31-October-11 - 09:03:54
That addresses sevreal of my concerns actually.

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