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Two Person Cribbage - Comments

Two Person Cribbage - a guide to the rules of cribbage and more, including such sections as "Cribbage Terms", "Starting the game", "Dealing and the Crib", "The Play", "Scoring", "The Show", "Common Questions and Answers", "Cribbage for More Than 2 Players", "Tips about the Starter Card", "Counting Your Hand", "Odd Hands", "Teaching the Game to the Next Generation" and more

Pete   17-July-2001 - 08:30:07
This site helped me teach my children how to play the game and even gave me some tips to help me keep ahead of them. They picked up the game quickly following the directions the author provided and they are fast becoming card sharks themselves.

Great job!! Go see the site!

Rae Matelich   11-August-2004 - 12:31:31
Great instructions for the beginner BUT it would be GREAT if you had set up an interactive Cribbage Game with a HELP screen to assist is putting the rules into practice. After all playing the game is what Cribbage is all about.

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