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Oil Painting Tutorials - Comments

Oil Painting Tutorials - illustrated, online tutorials which explain painting methods based on predominant techniques of pre-twentieth century Western oil painting, including "History, Definitions, and Techniques of Indirect Oil Painting", "Modern Artist Supplies and Techniques for Applying the Indirect Method" and more "how to" guides

Susan Quan   01-March-2001 - 12:16:40
Saunders' website is full of important technical information for someone looking for a little more advanced instruction. I incorporate a good deal of the information from this site into my class lessons. I hope that you continue to offer this link.

selva   01-July-2002 - 16:09:30
I am interested in online tutorials for landscapes, specifically trees, skies, water, bushes, mountains etc. They should portray depth and feeling. Thanks.

Johannes Vermeer   04-October-2002 - 08:35:23
Nice site but the demo on monochrome underpainting needed more details, e.g. flesh tones were not mentioned. Were the light areas glazed over or applied wet-in-wet? What colors were used for the glazes?

Andhy   13-October-2002 - 23:57:06
I am an architect, but I want to learn more about how to use the oil paint, can you attach some files that contain tutorial about that?? Thank's a lot

gladys elena velez marulanda   13-August-2007 - 19:55:43
me gustaria saber mas sobre la pintura

İhsan   25-February-2008 - 03:27:13
didn't see anything yet..

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