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101 Woodworking Tips & Techniques - Comments

101 Woodworking Tips & Techniques - 101 illustrated, short, instructional notes from a variety of contributors, in table saw, finishing, routing/router table, gluing, drill press/drilling, sanding, planing/jointing, assembly, layout, clamping, general shop tips categories

J. Cazares   18-September-2002 - 16:05:38
I think this is a great website that provides helpful hints for all of us that like to work with wood.

M Jones   23-April-2003 - 14:50:29
Very nice site -- has some very clever ideas that go beyond the usual "use masking tape as depth guide when drilling holes."

budi   03-May-2003 - 11:30:13
it,s very good. and it,s really help me for doing my assignment in class

Gordon   30-June-2004 - 17:42:42
More samples of what's on the CDs would be helpful.

Sherry Drew   10-March-2007 - 18:52:19
Thanks! This was helpful.

Sherry Drew   10-March-2007 - 18:52:29
Thanks! This was helpful.

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