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Woodworking Tips, Tricks and Jigs - Comments

Woodworking Tips, Tricks and Jigs - illustrated tips and lessons in jigs, shop tips, shop safety, finishing and miscellaneous tricks, including such entries as "Band Saw Blade Storage", "Doweling Centers", "How to Stop Paint Can Splatters", "Understanding Lumber Thicknesses", "Storing Lumber", "Spreading Glue", Finishing", "Setting Your Blade's Height", "Keep a Clean Shop" and more

Al   24-December-2000 - 08:27:15
Great site, but this is just one section of www.wood-worker.com which I'd already known about.

dave   17-June-2002 - 00:07:21
helpful to beginners

tim miller   02-October-2002 - 15:07:01
very good site i learned a lot from most tips thanks

Mike   09-November-2003 - 16:17:24
Interesting and informative reading

jeff davis   13-September-2004 - 05:14:24
I have used several of these tips before "necessity being the mother of invention". I was glad to find solution tips for bubbles in poly finishes. I never understood the base cause of this annoying problem and can't wait to try it on my entrance doors this spring,thanks!

DEON   06-March-2006 - 05:53:05
Like your website

Karen   30-May-2006 - 21:52:29
Learned several tips that will help me.Thanks for the site

salim   28-July-2006 - 06:13:54
good place for beginner or experts

kat   23-October-2006 - 14:27:39
This is a great site with lots of basic info for newbies!

Janae   31-October-11 - 04:38:38
Thanks for sahirng. Always good to find a real expert.

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