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SQL Tutorial & Interpreter w/ Live Practice Database - Comments

SQL Tutorial & Interpreter w/ Live Practice Database - a tutorial on the basics of SQL, covering what SQL is, table basics, selecting data, creating tables, inserting data into a table, updating and deleting records and more

Scot Wingo   28-March-2001 - 06:19:11
Excellent tutorial

Helton Serrao   26-May-2001 - 03:17:18
Quite a good tutorial for beginners!!

Matt Nofallah   17-January-2002 - 16:11:30
I find the SQL tutorial a good and easy to understand course. But in doing the exercises sometimes I get error messages that I can not figure out where the problem is even when I have exactly folloed the examples given in the course. I wish there was some way to ask questionds from the program.

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