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Autoshop 101 - Comments

Autoshop 101 - an illustrated guide to all the parts of a car, including the braking / ABS systems, cooling systems, electricial systems, A/C & heating systems, engine systems, exhaust systems, fuel & intake systems, suspension & steering, drive train and more

Eduardo M. d'Almeida   28-May-2005 - 14:18:56
You don't show me enough illustrations on how the cooling system works on my used Toyota van 1987 model or how to correct the over-heating problem
on this van

Charles   17-July-2005 - 09:23:43
I couldn't find info for drain hose from A/C to get rid of excessive
moister to the outside of car instead of inside on passenger side

fred   09-July-2006 - 22:20:03
heater motor runs sometime sometimes not 95 buick century

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