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AutoSite - Repairs/Maintenance - Comments

AutoSite - Repairs/Maintenance - a collection of illustrated and hypertext-based guides to car repair and maintenance, including "Under the Hood", "Around the Car", "Troubleshooting", "Common Questions and Answers", "The Reference Shelf ", "Vehicle Checklist", "Illustrated Repair Guide", "Auto Repair Encyclopedia", "Tire Talk" and more

Brogan TDB   08-July-2001 - 20:49:03
Great Site!!! I found what I was looking for. It put me right in the ballpark and saved me a bunch of cash...A+

George   19-November-2003 - 14:38:22
I fix cars for a livimg I also have a lot of customers who wish they could do it themselves with a little info and this is one of the best i've found yet!!!

ace wood   05-October-2005 - 12:03:25
replacing a timming belt on a 1988 Nova (need help)

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