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Women's Weightlifting Links 'n' Lessons - Comments

Women's Weightlifting Links 'n' Lessons - a guide to lifting weights and bodybuilding for women, including such sections as "lies in the gym, or, what your momma told you was probably wrong", "getting started: what you need and what you don't", "weights and your weight", "other health reasons to lift weights", "old broads: the golden years of pumping iron", "training basics", "the basics of a routine", "don't fear the free weights", "eating basics", "feminine problems: some form modifications you might find useful", "working out and reproductive health ", "staying motivated", "screwing up", "crac! boum! aiee! dealing with injury" and more

Sue   23-March-2002 - 16:10:15
I've looked at several sites for weight-training and I feel that this is the best one yet! It actually has examples in real time of how to lift the weights as well as drawings and explanations of the muscles used.

Amy   21-June-2003 - 17:40:26
This site is fabulous! I've been scouring the internet for days and finally found something informative and entertaining. I just got back into weightlifting after quite a few years off and I can't express enough how concise and helpful this website has been-check it out!

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