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Don't Fear the Oop! - Comments

Don't Fear the Oop! - a non-threatening introduction to the concepts of object oriented programming organised for three levels of ability

Bill Gough   17-February-2001 - 20:00:45
All tech writers should write as well as this piece is written! Color levels a great idea... conveys at the "managerial," "designer," and "techie" levels of Zachman architecture. Kewl.

Įrni St. Siguršsson   03-March-2001 - 10:44:04
Perfect for the beginning programmer. I wanted advanced stuff, but that doesn't diminish the value of this great site. Good work.

Cemil Garip   21-March-2001 - 15:12:35
I'm an Msc Student, also trying to learn Java.(I've bought 6 java books)
This is the best Introduction I have ever encountered so far. Even though some books start with good intentions, their classes & objects are a bit difficult to relate to (i.e Class Point, to draw triangles, Arrays to define queues etc.) These analogies/examples are EXCELLANT. If I had been to this site before, I would have bought only 2 books instead of 6.
This site is a credit to e-learning.
Well done
& keep up the good work

=maybe the whole thing could have been organised by 2 levels instead of tree, but what the hell, I say that know, because I have understood what I read (for a change)

Yukon   23-April-2001 - 07:12:47
this site has a very nice way in teaching, the idea of more than one color is wounderful. However it tells the biggening the very biggening in java.

Cheryl   13-May-2001 - 19:48:20
Excellent overview and the 3-color method was most useful!

I was just hoping for a bit more in-detail explainations (OK, maybe it's the "techie" in me)

Gabriela   18-June-2001 - 04:34:52
The best first explanation on Object Oriented Programming for any starter in Java!!!

David   11-August-2001 - 04:04:36
Now I've finally decided to learn JAVA.
Keep up the good work

Marc   19-March-2002 - 20:52:00
This was a great introduction. It sets a very solid foundation. I found the metaphor of the author who writes her Western in code to be very useful. The color coding was also helpful.

Ian Wood   08-April-2002 - 07:53:18
Very very cleaver way of teaching Java, the hour or so it took to read and do the "western" taught me more than six months of formal teaching

Dave Chaffey   22-September-2002 - 01:18:15
Wonderful! The perfect introduction for someone with absolutely no idea about Java, but with a bucket full of enthusiasm. Nice job.

mark   29-October-2002 - 18:02:24
great site!
really helped too clear up the concepts I was struggling with!!

bret   19-May-2003 - 14:08:36
extremely well-done! if there were more tech writers like this, i'd be a master programmer by now. my only complaints are the sometimes inconsistent variable names, and the lack of more content! i need more from this guy!

Doug Gempel   11-May-2004 - 16:59:05
That did make it somewhat easier to understand---signed ,from the old school

James   22-July-2004 - 09:33:02
Very well done! I believe you cleared up some of my OOP confusion. Thanks a lot!

Bob Crouch   07-August-2004 - 01:24:23
Finally I'm starting to get the idea of what an object is - how to create one(instantiate)- and how to use the attributes(variables) to express the actions/states of the oject. I'm just a tenderfoot - but this WesternTown is starting to grow on me.

Bob   12-August-2004 - 13:39:51
Finally, someone who writes about learning JAVA in a way that nonprogrammers can read and understand. Most programmers are horrible writers -- this was a refreshing read! I'm actually starting to learn about objects.

Prakash   16-September-2004 - 10:23:50
one of the best tutorials taht i have ever read...i really got attracted when he finally introduced "compiler"!!!!

great yaar

khairul   08-November-2004 - 20:58:46
i've been trying to understand OOP for 6 yrs. This tutorial only took 1hr of my time to understand OOP. if i found this tutorial 6 yrs ago, i might already 'harvesting' 10k per month.. arghh!!

Zorgon   12-November-2004 - 00:08:08
I found this humorous... And it helped me understand the basics of Java in a really odd way... And it also gave me something to read in class...

Ian   04-May-2005 - 18:12:53
All sudenly became clear. A must for anyone struggling with objects.

Crickett   22-May-2005 - 08:43:43
I like the way this was all broken down in the three levels. It made it very easy to understand. If I had a question about why something was a certain way in the red section, all I had to do was look up to the yellow and green sections for clarification.


srinivasan   06-August-2005 - 07:57:45
This is one of the few attempts made to make java very simple .The author has brought out the complete idea of oop in this "Don't Fear the Oop!".He has explained the oop concept in a very realistic maner.so i greatly thank the author for his creative creation "Don't Fear the Oop!".All the java begineers must go through this creation.

EgoSoft   08-December-2005 - 05:11:53
Jos must have been a very special / gifted person, in order to be able to explain such a difficult topic as OOP in just a couple web-pages! His method of explaining and teaching will for sure live on in my own work...I'm impressed!

Shankha   01-January-2006 - 03:37:57
I knew C++. But still, the "object orientation" wasn't exactly clear to me. When I decided to make a transition to Java, I started looking for tutorials and I came accross this. Believe me, this is absolutely fantastic. OOP has never been so clear to me. Though it gives only an introduction to Java, the approach was really brilliant. So sad that such a brilliant author is no more.

TheGeekMom   11-July-2006 - 04:22:45
What a concise, accurate, and insightful presentation of the concepts of OOP. Few people have that special ability to translate complex concepts into a format that can be understood by the non technical amongst us.
What a loss to the planet the early death of this young man. We are blessed in what he has left behind.

DIVYA   12-October-2006 - 22:42:35

Dave   03-January-2007 - 11:00:03
Having read a number of papers to try and understand what OOP is all about, I stumble on this brilliantly simple piece of work! Although I'm still a little vague, I'm a million times more confident having read this.
What a wonderful writer, what a damn shame he's no longer with us.
I'll say thank you all the same.

Rahul kadian   27-November-2007 - 06:58:58
The best tutorial i ve ever read...

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