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Toiletology 101 - Comments

Toiletology 101 - an illustrated, online tutorial on all the nuances of toilet care and repair, covering plumbing tools needed, emergencies, how a toilet works, testing for leaks, preventive maintenance, renewing a flush valve seat, how to REALLY clean a toilet and much more

Debbie   07-March-2001 - 14:30:41
Toiletology 101 was a great find. With absolutely no experience I attempted my first plumbing repair using their illustrations and was very pleased that it was sucessfully. There seemed to be some minor details missing... but overall, I would say that Toiletology 101 is exceptionally comprehensive, well thought out and easy to understand.. Thank you for designing the course. Debbie

Betty   23-June-2001 - 16:13:20
EXCELLENT! After five plumbers and numerous attempts by me using chemicals I'd just as soon not had to, to solve problem of both toilets not flushing, Toiletology 101 hit it on the head [oops!]- the air pressure was off, so work had to be done from the vent in the roof.

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