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Plumbing Care & Repair Handbook - Comments

Plumbing Care & Repair Handbook - a one-page, illustrated online handbook on plumbing care & repair, covering drains, toilets/tubs, fittings, faucets, kitchen care, shower equipment, water heaters, leaky pipes, frozen pipes, sweating pipes, noises in the plumbing system, odors in the plumging system, draining plumbing in a vacant house, where and how to shut off water and more

Malcolm Horne   30-June-2000 - 15:42:31
I didn't realize until using this site that the "water hammering" we experiance can cause serious damage. Thanks!

Kate   02-February-2004 - 06:42:13
Greetings, my husband is in the hospital and Im not a plumber! I was replacing a leaky shower head that I thought was the reason I had a $93.00 waterbill. Well, the short metal pipe that attaches into the wall of the shower came off in my hands. I used a small needle nose plyers to pull out the wore out piece that was left behind in the wall. Then I heard to my horror water running inside the wall.
I rigged it somewhat to where the water was leaking back into the shower stall. My husband said it might be a washer and not the showerhead.
(he has cancer and I don't want to seem helpless or appear stupid even though my stupid sign is flashing!) I really thought it would be a piece of cake. This all happened in the wee hours after the children were fast asleep and I could accomplish this task.
Any suggestions? I actually have a little plumbing booklet... and it tells how to do everything BUT the shower! Thank you in advance for any insight and helpful hints that you may send my way! Forever Grateful, Sincerely, Kate

Travon   02-July-11 - 05:25:28
I was rlaely confused, and this answered all my questions.

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