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The Tennis Server: Mental Equipment Archive - Comments

The Tennis Server: Mental Equipment Archive - an archive of regular instructional articles dealing with sports psychology in tennis, including such articles as "Accepting Defeat Graciously", "Combating Burnout in Sport", "advice for Parents", "Monitoring your Mood", "Get Real in Practice", "Performance Above Winning", "Breath Control in Tennis" and more

Fred Huskey   03-February-2002 - 19:35:36
I really enjoy the articles by John Murray. However, to help my High Schoolers out it would be helpful not to give them too much information as it would be too stimulating and overloading that they would not perform because they are thinking too much. This statement comes from my own experience in tennis whereby one overthinks on the court and affects performance, probably another inverted-U phenomena. What items of the mental equipment would Dr. Murray recommend as the most essential?

John Mcphee   13-May-2003 - 01:36:05
I feel Mr. Huskey has used the phrase "inverted-U phenomena" to great relex. I hope his high schoolers can take his insights and ply them into actions and reactions that will make them better players and people. I wish I would have had such an insightfull teacher or coach during my early development. Campo Dio, Mr. Huskey and keep up the good work.

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