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Getting started with Java - Comments

Getting started with Java - a short tutorial that introduces beginners how to compile and run their very own Java application, using Sun's Java Development Kit

Helfried Gschwandtner   31-January-2001 - 02:52:51
The first page is easy to understand. However, you are soon led astray by those links and end up with Java 101 - which is not really the level of a beginner.

I found the online textbook (referred to at the top of the pages) a better choice. It is rather comprehensive, but easy and very informative.

R. Tsang   27-April-2002 - 04:42:11
It is really an ideal site for learning java: from the easiest to the deepest!

larry   02-June-2002 - 20:34:12
his "hello world" program doesn't work!!! thanks for showing me how "NOT" to code!!!

Ujjal C.   24-October-2002 - 14:37:15
Bogus book. Read this if you want to waste time. Simple "Hello World" Doesn't work.

Manoj   27-February-2005 - 00:42:31
I want to learn JAVA from the start to the end

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