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USPTA: Playing Tips - Comments

USPTA: Playing Tips - a loosely-organized collection of intructional advice on a variety of tennis topics, from a variety of tennis professionals

TC   06-December-2001 - 23:05:17
Good mental tips to keep in mond.

TC   06-December-2001 - 23:05:39
Good mental tips to keep in mind.

Tim Cochran   17-February-2002 - 17:29:56
Great site. Wish there were more tips but those you give are really good/
Got any tips on overheads?

Robyn Novakovic   22-June-2003 - 19:07:59
Very down-to-earth and practical advice, easy to understand and relate to. Humorous and easy to implement-great advice for beginners and kids.

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