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Build the best paper airplane in the world - Comments

Build the best paper airplane in the world - an illustrated guide to making and flying the "DC-3 of paper airplanes"

Brent jones   10-December-1999 - 13:26:31
Your pdirections were easy to follow up to 16,17, and 18. The video was hard to understand to. I even tried the more detailed instructions and ther still hard

creator   19-March-2000 - 21:36:29
i tried three times to build this silly plane i had my heart set on building it i wanted to see how good did it really fly. But no matter how much i tried i couldn't follow the directions you have movies and the other thing and still nothing the other planes are explained bettter and there easier go figure anyway if you want anyone to build that plane without a engineering degree you have to do a better job with the instructions. thank you

flyer   29-March-2000 - 18:05:15
When i saw what the picture of the plane i really wanted to make it. I tried 5 times but couldn't make it. At first directions were easy then at 18 or 19 i just couldn't do it. Even though u had videos and such i still couldn't do it. Try and make it more clearer next time

Nise Akuma   04-May-2000 - 16:28:32
Well, I have to concur with the others. The part where you use animated instructions didn't help much. Maybe if you made the picture bigger, and use 3-D transparent images/drawings... perhaps this would be easier to build. I just constructed one, but haven't flown it yet. Also... past 18, the instructions get more and more vague, and leave out crucial steps... like the tail end. Thanx for the plane, anyways... it could very well be the greatest plane ever (if we could construct it correctly).

Alison   28-May-2000 - 18:32:50
obviously all the people who are complaining that they can't make the plane are men, i made it in one try, and it flew 20 feet. i won my school competition. thanks for the instructions.

Yup   02-June-2000 - 13:46:36
The instructions for 18 and 19 were a little hard, but after a little bit, it was easy to understand. Just experiment and try to make it look like number 19 and you should have it.

airplain master   06-June-2000 - 11:22:51
this is trully the best airplain in the world
it flys just like a real plain

xxxxxxx   31-August-2000 - 09:46:56
this plane was hard to build at steps 17 18 and 19take the outer edge and slowly move it into the straight p and down positionwhile folding it over with your other fingers. its kinda hard but youll get it. ps im only 14 also. it took me 3 tries.

me   03-September-2000 - 14:28:38
it is very hard to build

Shane and Erick   29-November-2000 - 21:02:43
I really liked the fact that the author went back and explained the parts of the instructions that were difficult. The addition was very helpful. I love the way this airplane flew, and my sons thought it was a very cool plane. It really flew better than the rest of their planes. One question, where does the landing gear come from? Is that additional paper, or something from the plane already from the first sheet of paper. Very neat!

SSRAT   06-December-2000 - 22:57:51
I made this plane with ease and memorized the instructions within 10 minutes. It is really a nice plane and goes really far if it is built correctly. Oh and by the way I am 16.

ShAuNa   16-February-2001 - 17:26:38
I am having a contest in science class on airplanes. I made yours and it was a little tough at one point, but it only took patience and common sense! Any who.. mine did great. It won the duration part of the contest. It stayed afloat for 5.5 seconds!! THANKS!!

upsilon   22-February-2001 - 07:16:57
I'm 15, and English is not even my native language. Yet I think the instructions are quite clear. The 18 and 19 part was quite a mystery at first, but I just tried to make it look like the diagrams and it worked.

I have only tried it once down the longest corridor that I can find in my house. I think it shows that the plane flies really well, and if it haven't bumped into the wall I'm sure it can fly on some more. I'm going to try it again in my school library tomorrow.


yo   27-March-2001 - 04:53:04
This plane is really hard on steps 17 thru 19. But keep trying then your get it. I now memorized it. It's a neat plane

Ken Freebush   31-May-2001 - 16:08:29
this website needs work...you need to make the instructions more clear you can't see what to do next especly on [The best paper air plane in the world]

Jichao Xu   17-August-2001 - 14:59:01
Awesome plane!!! Takes some time to make and LOTS of practice to master, but it is the best paper airplane in the world!!!

Mikey   13-November-2001 - 10:21:39
Iam only 10 yrs old and i built this it was easy!!!!

Kim   14-November-2001 - 15:03:08
It did take me a couple of times to get the folds right but once I figured it out, I had it memorized. That evening, I made the plane with nine Tiger Cub Scouts (6 yr olds). It may not be an easy plane to learn (at least not through the internet, but it's the best flyer I've seen. It's worth learning this one.

Kim   14-November-2001 - 15:06:28
Oops didn't get my chance to rate the site. What puts the site over the top for us is the link to the butterfly and macaw "planes" that can be printed out and folded with this method. My kids and the Tiger Cubs love this plane!

Jason Smith   12-January-2002 - 17:33:39
EASYEASYEASYEASYEASY This thing was very simple to make. I design paper planes,and this was SIMPLE. Steps 17 and 18 were easy, even without me using the animated directions.

Tom Caliguari   30-January-2002 - 16:43:54
This airplane is awesome, all my friends love it and I as an airplane enthusiast count it as a valuable glider. Thanx for sharing the info!

Kimberly   05-February-2002 - 14:36:13
The plane was sooo easy to make I did it on the first try, at first I thought it was going to be hard reading everyones comments and then I tried it and it took me no time. The pictures were a great guide I didnt even read the instructions underneath the pictures!!!!

It   19-February-2002 - 23:49:26
I would like a better clarification on steps 17-20

Kristina   06-June-2002 - 22:45:16
This paper plane is EASY! That is the best plane I've ever made! I'm only 12. :)

At first I thought I was not gonna make it also because of some of the comments here but when I tried it, I made it!

Nickonia Mettal   02-July-2002 - 04:44:15
Woah! You all have a hard time?! Woah, this was so easy to build, and the only trick to the hard steps is to do a nice squash fold where it says pull out. well. it helps if you are good in origami.

Serge   26-September-2002 - 19:23:03
It's good for flying indoors, but it tends to stall when it slows down. How do I make it fly really far?

skippy   03-October-2002 - 23:14:35
Man! This was sure a neat-oh plane to make. I read it the first time in class and got up and did a show and tell on how to properly construct the plane. The other kids are sure dense because no matter how much I tried to explain things step by step, nobody else was able to understand and I'm only 6 and 3/4 years old!

Paul G BBC Bus Cleveland UK   15-October-2002 - 05:01:48
The best plane in the world is very good, it took me about 30mins to make the plane, over all the plane is very good & really does fly. The instructions are helpfull but at times are a little bit over the top. But i think this is a great site and well worth a visit to try and make the plane. So i will rate this 10 out 10. Paul G from Cleveland England.

corey   16-November-2002 - 23:49:05
i loved my plane when i finally finished. me and my friend when out side and threw them off my roof. another good way is to throw it as hard as you can up. it will barrel roll or flip and hover up really high. as far as instructions go use the detailed instructions for steps16,17,18, it helps alot.

Melissa   07-December-2002 - 22:35:27
It seemed to go quite far

Jim   08-December-2002 - 18:49:28
Building this airplane was easy... until I got up to steps 18 and 19. I looked at the detailed instructions, the animation, and the video, but I still can't figure it out. The site should have a better video showing how to do the steps.

it wasint hard to build!   15-December-2002 - 21:30:04
im 13 its so easy suckers!

tara   05-February-2003 - 17:53:27
all the school age kids like it thanks

Will   12-February-2003 - 15:06:23
Cool airplane and great flight ability. It was hard to make.

Will   12-February-2003 - 15:08:14
Cool airplane and great flight ability. It was hard to make.

Doyleson   24-February-2003 - 14:02:07
I memorized your instructions, I admit, 17-19 were quite hard but I kept at it until I got it. I have made the plane but it doesn't fly that well. Any tips? Email me with them. Thanks!

Michelle   07-March-2003 - 16:11:38
This was a very helpful site! Steps 16-19 are hard to understand, but if you look at the different views in the detailed description for a while, you will get it, and after that it is pretty easy. Make sure you don't rip the tail gliders toooooo short. I rate this site a 9-.

Kit T*********   13-March-2003 - 18:53:54
Great plane!!! Thanks a lot 18 & 19 were hard but god, how stupid are you people????? this plane is great and easy to build

bob   30-March-2003 - 16:21:08
o my gosh that air plane wqas so cool it hit my cat and hit the garge can thanks

Nihar   19-April-2003 - 19:23:38
I tried that plane twice, and failed both times. I wasted over an hour on this impossible piece of crap. The GIF animation was pitiful, and the shockwave wasn't helpful either. I got up to step 17, and then I couldn't do the rest. I tried to get my plane to look like the pictures, and it worked, until the next step. Then I realized the whole design was wrong. He could at least give better directions, or if possible, upload an MPEG or something, with him doing the fold. I hate this plane! It's too damn hard.

hunt   21-May-2003 - 16:46:29
mabey you could get a picture of it from a different angle or have a movie of you building the whole thing and where we could hear you talk....

Maria   25-May-2003 - 12:17:30
This plane is great and soooo easy to build. The instructions are quite clear. Great flight ability. Thanks for the information!

Jackal   29-May-2003 - 08:29:29
This is obviously the best paper airplane ever. When I flew it the first time it must have went 60 feet! Oh and I'm 12 years old

Brandon phillips   26-July-2003 - 18:47:41
looks cool I thought it was sort of hard to make but it isn't something i would remember how to make. But cool

Robert Moody   28-July-2003 - 13:41:44
It is the worlds greatest airplane site

Neil   29-July-2003 - 13:05:42
Patience is all that is required. Just get it to look like the one in the photos. After a while its easy to remember and with practice this plane is truly the best in the world. I've amazed the kids in my neighborhood with this.

Jabitt`   06-August-2003 - 07:49:29
I made this plane also. Very easy. I was also able to get if to stay airborne for several feet. Oh, and I am only three.

Shawn   11-August-2003 - 06:04:34
I like this site because that i can learn alot of stuff and get new ideas...

colten   08-September-2003 - 19:42:20
I made the plane on the first try,steps 18and 19 were a little challenging
but after i looked at it for a little while, i figured it out.It truely is the best in the world.

nathan   21-September-2003 - 03:26:10
this plane was pretty easy to build. Steps 18 and 19 are a bit hard and it took me 5 mins to work out how to do it.fold the two front things down and like wings and it flies even better!

john   04-December-2003 - 21:24:15
great site but i cant figeu out how to do 16,17,18,19

William   23-December-2003 - 18:14:37
I figured out those three steps on my third try. It makes it a whole lot easier if you go to detailed instructions and look at what the result of the steps were and then work backwards. I was having a lot of trouble with it and was ready to give up but i tried it one more way and i got lucky i guess. Well anyway just keep trying and you'll get it aventually and really its worth it!

William   23-December-2003 - 18:21:40
i am 11 years old and that was extremely easy to build but for those of you who would like to figure out how too do something but having trouble finding something easy enough, here is a link to a very cool invention that wil be done in seconds: http://sci-toys.com/scitoys/scitoys/mathematics/paper_ring.html enjoy and if the link does not work, just go to scitoys.com and go to the last section. its called mathmatics.

alex   21-February-2004 - 22:16:58
this was very east to build and i am only 14. i have been building it for about 3 years now. the instructions are easy to follow and memorize. every one else makes it look to hard. with some practice and time you've got it unless you're really stupid

sarah   31-March-2004 - 17:39:04
this airplane stinks so badly!

Ryan   05-April-2004 - 20:07:30
This paper airplane was awesome, it flew awesome to. This airplane blew all the other airplanes i've made away. I'm thirteen, it was hard to make but it was worth it when i flew it.

George   09-August-2004 - 21:03:19
I fallowed the directions and barely had any problems except on 18 but eventually figured it out and my planes awsome! o yeah and im 12

masterflyr11   17-August-2004 - 21:57:35
i hav to say...allison made a sexist comment, but not that i care, anyways really nice plane it flew pretty well, and im a male, oh and im 11

Jessica   07-September-2004 - 15:57:25
Where can I look to find out how to make these easy airplanes?

lucy   23-October-2004 - 00:28:21
this is a good site that has a very good set of detailed instructions to go with it! it is the best on the web and the designs rock luv u all!!!:)

anthony   13-November-2004 - 19:22:01
its fun and a really good lander

matangi   14-November-2004 - 17:35:45
we made it then it broke someone stepped on it.

Jia Hao Gao   24-November-2004 - 16:48:31
Great Plane, thanks for the design, im interested where the plane originally came from, I threw it stright up, it came down and at the last moment glided back up, friends really impressed. Plans were hard to follow but got there after the second try,landing gears are great.

Thanks a lot!

Bobbles   19-January-2005 - 03:10:37
It wasnt that hard. I found it sort of easy and I am only a kid! the instructions are good, you just have to study them.

Bobbles   19-January-2005 - 03:14:59
on that comment alison made. i had an easy time with the plane and im a man

Robert   21-February-2005 - 12:30:13
Well the instructions are pretty easy to read you just have to look. I'm 13 and I built your plane. It takes some practice but it is a very good flyer. Thanks

Billy Bob45   28-February-2005 - 20:42:18
i found this plane easy to make until steps 16, 17, and 18. try to make the directions more specific and clearer

dennis   13-April-2005 - 21:17:50
thanks for the plain im 12 but these instructions were easy i threw it of the top ef the harbour bridge here in australia and it flew all the way across.....thanks alot bro

dennis   13-April-2005 - 21:29:03
continued from the first dennis..oh yeah unfortinually it then got lost because the wind made it fly away again also if you know how to make the little paper helicopter make it and attach the bottom to a bit of string and then to the front of the plane you can ,on a windy day ,let the plane fly away .note : the plane will only fly in a straight line with the helicopter attached. thanks again.

zane   12-May-2005 - 10:25:27
hey this was gr8, it took me 5 tries. in the end i finally made and it flew really nice....

unknown   28-May-2005 - 17:57:59
this plane is amazing i have never seen anything like it and the guide was amazing. 1000000000000000000 thumbs up. This site rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wesley   07-June-2005 - 16:13:21
year it is a little hard but keep try it dose work and it is great fun after building it gud luk

small fry   12-June-2005 - 00:00:13
the plane is great! i made it on the first try. my friends and i were have a plane competition and i won with the plane! infinite thumbs up!! WHOOSH

boogerhead   21-June-2005 - 20:26:38
i loved the plane soooooo much and i made a really good one but my little brother ate my first one. overall it's easy(in my opinion)

Shawn   07-July-2005 - 03:21:18
I love this paperairplane it works so good! The first time i tried to make it i had a little trouble but i got through! Also i made like 3 at a time and tweaked the 1st one and the 2nd one i tweaked a little different and the 3rd one i tweaked a little different also and they all worked different but my most favorite was the 2nd one because it did a flip! Now that was entertaining!

Tata Lor   01-August-2005 - 05:08:30
Cool plane, flies very good though u must pay soma attention when adjusting the controls...

david   01-August-2005 - 10:21:43
great plane!!
i memorized it and can do it in 'bout 4-5 mins, i'm only 11.(and yes i admit i sort of had a hard time wid steps 18-19.

awsomest(not sure if thats a word)plane ever!

brian   09-August-2005 - 15:03:08
this plane is easy and fun to make. it flys like a charm. the design is kick ass. thanx

this is to hard   12-August-2005 - 02:21:20
the steps 16 17 18 are the hardest to build ive tried atleast 7 times and still havnt made it so i just gave up

Alek Ratzloff   01-October-2005 - 07:48:32
I think this is a really cool site. I found out how to make the best airplane. I highly reccomend this site.

Brandon   19-December-2005 - 10:52:38
Doesn't work.

Looks cool though

Rick   19-December-2005 - 15:55:31
Nice plane! It took a few minutes to make, but it flies better than some balsa gliders I've seen. Mine flies in a straight line but it can be made to turn or fly in a loop. Thanks!

Dareck   30-January-2006 - 02:36:46
I hate to admit it but this airplane is way better than I expected. It's in third place outta all of the other ones I know how to make. I got your plane to fly about 20-30 feet. I think the planes tail is a little tacky, but I took out a seperate sheet and made another one and it works and looks way better. I already had a plane that looks similar to this that I make alot. It's nose is a blunt tip because they skip the step everyone is having trouble with and cut the nose and tuck it in. Can't really explain it in words, but I have to say it performs a bit better. But my favorite can fly up to 50 feet indoors when made perfect. But once again great plane. If you took more pictures and moved the folds around that might help to demonstrate it to everyone better. Or try demonstrating it with paper thats colored on one side. Anyway, I like your story on the plane and I want to thank Skip, and you Mike for giving us the opportunity to make this plane.

Jay   30-January-2006 - 09:38:01
I know this is the best airplane I know of. I showed all my friends of your great plane and they loved it.

Anonymous Origami Fan   11-February-2006 - 01:42:00
I am currently thirteen, and I have to say that although this is a good plane (amazed everyone at school) it is not deserving quite so much praise. I have made better planes. But the tail was an interesting idea, so I toyed around with putting it in some designs, even further improving an already better one. I made this plane on my second try. The first time, I got a little stuck on the seventeen eighteen and nineteen steps, but now I memorized the design and incorporate into many things I make.

*******   24-February-2006 - 19:17:31
people who cant build this plane are dumb i built it on the first try!
if you cant figure it out then go tell someone else to do it for you!

aloo   02-March-2006 - 14:05:24
there are great different types of papaer airplanes but some are really hard to make. it even takes alot of time on some of them.

blazebabe52   04-March-2006 - 23:56:41
well im 15 yrs. old and it took me 2 times make this gangsta(*L*) airplane.well soon i'm having a contest in my science class to c who's plane can go the farthest, and hoping mine will WIN!!! well wish me GOOD LUCK!!!!! - 'nae-'nae

Wazup   13-March-2006 - 19:44:29
Man that plain was fun and way easy, may have took me 30 minutes, but it was worth it, it flew about 30 feet and glided pritty good. This is the next new plain I can show my friends in school lol!

it easy to make   15-March-2006 - 07:34:56
it easy to make but it always nose dive

weirdperson   18-March-2006 - 22:31:27
lol for some reason, i can make a paper airplane with instructions some people can't understand but i can't make a paper crane. it kinna angers me that i can't fold one but oh well i like paper airplanes *^^*. well anyway just keep trying. i got it by guessing *^^* i'm sure if you can fold a paper crane you can make this. Then again, maybe not. I'm just weird like that *^^*

Paper Air-Plane Lover   29-March-2006 - 18:09:04
this is such a hard paper plane to make! you should try to have better described steps and see if you can have more pictures. or go into detail more, especially on steps 17-18 and higher! i wasted at least one hundred pieces of paper trying to make this! and i always failed! i never got past step 17! i really suggest this. because none of my friends could make it past those steps either. so, as you see, it's not just me that's having problems.

Jo Woodnutt   12-April-2006 - 16:52:15
This is a really great site- i found it hard to understand tips 18 and 19 until i read the detailed instructions though. The plane flies well, though everyone ive ever made turns right..... can't work out why. Can anyone help?!?!?

chase brown   24-April-2006 - 21:12:17
that there is one good paper airplane! It flies wonerfully, thank you so much!

zorexx   10-May-2006 - 09:38:12
This is great, very special indeed.

anonymas   17-May-2006 - 17:59:40
my dad helped me build it and after 5 minutes the thing wouldn't fly 10 feet. I thought it was just me but two other people tried it and it was the same thing.

Aayzed   30-May-2006 - 17:10:45
I am just 11 and I made on my 1st try step 16,17 and 18 were a little hard but after I got over it, it was really easy and it flew 60 feet

Cee Cee   04-June-2006 - 14:30:37
Wow! i must say that this plane is a really wonderful creation. It took me 1 hr & 1/2 to make it, & although it got a little challenging at steps 17-19, i din't give up, but with a little help from the video, I was able to finish.. thanks alot for the video & the many instructions, it helped me alot!! I really needed to make a plane for a science project & this was just so timely. thanks again, & 3 thumbs up to the designer of the DC-3!! Hoping to seeing more in the future!

alexis   06-June-2006 - 15:37:09
This site helped me with a school project!

george   08-June-2006 - 16:33:04
this is ok. It didn't fly well

David   14-June-2006 - 17:32:57
Loved the Paper plane. It flies better than any I have seen. May be difficult for a novice but I fortunately caught on to the folds.

South African Boy   21-June-2006 - 10:36:57
This is a really nice plane. The video was very helpful and got me past the hard steps. The other instructions weren't as good. This plane can't fly as far as everyone is saying it could, but mabye I need to make another. Adjusting the tail fin is also a bit hard. Very good site though.

football   30-July-2006 - 18:58:57
i dont get hot to the latst 5 steps

Carly   01-October-2006 - 17:57:32
seems to be a great plane, but insructions are a little hard to follow. Very interesting, exciting plane!

spencer   26-October-2006 - 17:48:13
I's a wonderful plane but keeps doing all thies loops but their real cool and i can change it by agusting the wing flaps on the back

Warren   06-November-2006 - 21:02:08
when i did make this paper airplane i got it first try but now i have forgotten. i dont know whats so difficult about it that the people cant get but the plane was pretty cool. :-)

Warren   06-November-2006 - 21:42:17
I just made it and it was awesome! I'm not sure if I made it quite right because it dosen't fly super far but im not sure if I'm throughing it hard enough. I am now 13 and it is pretty easy to make the only hard part is 17 through 20 or something like that.

PS: someone please tell me how hard to throw it. ~:-)

Leela   29-November-2006 - 20:15:28
I spent a really long time making this airplane, and it was really confusing! I finally got it and I checked on everything, it was perfect, but when I flew it, it didn't fly nearly as far as one that I spent about 5 min. on! please folks, don't waste your time!

casey   14-December-2006 - 19:43:50
This plane is amazing,I don't know why someone would'nt like it.

Mark   31-December-2006 - 21:47:15
Dude, seriously consider the clarity of your instructions. Of course your ability to write easy-to-follow instructions is hindered by your predetermined understanding of how to build it but try and imagine yourself as a spectator and hopefully people here will be able to understand how to construct this obviously genius paper airplane. Thanks

Lindsey   06-January-2007 - 15:14:49
I didn't want to buy a book. I wanted to build one. All free!!!

Name   04-March-2007 - 16:25:39
ur plane was hard @ first + i couldnt build it but after like 2 weeks, i could. Steps 17-19 were the most vauge steps i have ever read (no offence) and the video was unclear and so was the amination. U just need 2 make more steps around 17, 18, + 19 so it can be more easy to make. But in spite of all that, ur plane ROX!!!!!!!!!!!

Isabella   08-March-2007 - 19:37:14
This paper airplane is one of the best in the world! (just like its name)
I had to do a paper airplane project so I chose this plane and won the contest for longest flight time!

Thomas   15-March-2007 - 15:48:39
ah darn, when i was in air cadets we had a Competition on who could make a paper airplane that would fly the farthest, but i didn't know what to make. so i just started bendin paper, lol, to make a long story short i ended up with the same plane by accident. but my plane did go the farthest(with a little fine tuning), the only thing i didn't think of was putting a tail on it, i have to say, the tail is a great improvment.

ononymous   08-May-2007 - 12:45:10
Tis easy really just follow the steps and you'll have it in no time.

annoynymus   21-October-2007 - 20:05:14
I'am only 13 and i made this plane it's extremely easy to make when you've made it more than once.My otherpaper plane could compete with this plane in distance but not in duration.

lalabo   29-October-2007 - 20:15:28
it was realy easy to make but when i did make it, it barely flew

Ryoma   27-December-2007 - 00:13:43
Awsome plane instructions 16-18 like people say were a big buggie, but it you take your time and under error and trial u will figure it out sooner or later... Plane flys very nicely but does have a tendence to lean in flight but after figiting with the tail this can be fixed

peter   24-January-2008 - 21:40:20
it flies great

doodley david :)   02-February-2008 - 14:44:18
its pretty good. terrible at races if its windy out. >_<

General Joe   16-February-2008 - 09:25:46
Hey, not just women can make them! im a guy and i made one. I thought the instructions were just fine and it glides great.

m   09-April-2008 - 19:38:14
very easy harder parts during 17-22 smaller than expected flies great

bergil   23-May-2008 - 23:37:17
i made the plane on first try and all steps were easy but that was long ago and i still remember ho to make it is really great. please people try easy than go up cause some of you weren't born with it and some were and thats how you become great.

yu tang   09-June-2008 - 19:27:12
Its good, mine flew past a huuuge field in calm winds.

KREATOR   09-June-2008 - 19:29:59
Its good, mine flew past a huuuge field in calm winds. Only steps from 17-20 were hard to follow up the rest was easy. I made it on my first try without much difficulties

ambarish   11-April-2009 - 21:49:52

People Are Idiots   17-May-2009 - 20:02:32
There's a really good video on this plane at:


Where it gets tricky, just remember that you fold the parts twice, but in a different way, to make pre-creases for the very tricky part where you "pinch it," according to this video.

As for all the people who say they're children and figured it out and think they're so smart, grow up. If you're not a child and you are being an a**hole, then you might as well be a friggin 4-year old. If you are a child, then you need to learn some modesty. Seriously.

People Are Idiots   17-May-2009 - 20:15:24
P.S. LMFAO I fixed the wings on my plane (make sure they're tilted a little upward so it flies rightside up) and I threw it and it flew much better than before. Then it flew over my fence right to the middle of the street behind my house. I assume it's recently deceased. T_T

bo   20-June-2009 - 12:03:55
This is one of the best airplanes I ever built.

kiko   12-February-10 - 23:25:21
it can fly infinity hours

Name   17-February-10 - 18:19:20
does any one know where the landing gears came from though i really want to make them stand when Im not using it. (>'-')>Best airplane in the world<('-'<)

Cory Wooton   12-May-10 - 23:38:07
i just made this airplane, this is the best place to learn how to build it, easy instructions and a fast loading video on Google! This airplane is awesome! it flew and glided like crazy, by far one of the best airplanes i've ever learned how to make. http://www.zurqui.com/crinfocus/paper/air-bld1.html

joy dada   06-June-10 - 03:13:15
hi ,
i am joy i want to know about detals like this ?

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