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Kathy Matsushita's Amateur Luthier Page - Comments

Kathy Matsushita's Amateur Luthier Page - an online guide to guitar construction, covering building from kits, a basic tool list, the building process and more

jon   23-April-2000 - 04:28:54
Cant tell you how many times I said "SO THATS HOW THEY DO THAT!!!"while on your web site!
cant wait to see your next project.keep up the good work!


jeff   31-July-2001 - 08:52:48
Kathy has a wonderful talent for being creative. A must see web site.

lori   09-January-2003 - 10:13:57
i need instructions on how to build an easy and sterdy guitar

DON KARL   03-February-2003 - 19:39:02
Kathy is good. I noticed the neatness and the will to finish the job.
She is a fine instructor.

zainol   27-February-2003 - 19:59:30
Your page is very interesting containing a lot of information. I felt very imspired reading your pages. Thank you very much indeed.

COLIN LETTENEY   25-April-2003 - 05:16:26
Very helpful. I found links that are great and the information is wonderful for someone just starting out.

Peter Woodman   18-October-2003 - 13:41:14
An excellent site. It was one of my first sources of information when I started, along with the Hoffman Guitars site. I've stolen ideas from both of them!

Albert   22-January-2005 - 08:06:47
Remarkably informative and helpful, great person to seek advice from

Steve Hamlin   11-April-2005 - 13:26:35
Excellent resource for the ab initio luthier

Diane   02-January-2006 - 21:09:30
I love Kathy's site. Besides for all the information she shares about building instruments, there is a link to a page of people playing the uke, and it's great. Thank you Kathy.

Matt   21-January-2006 - 00:55:00
As I've told her--excellent site. Very excellent.

It inspired me to build my own guitar, and it inspires me still in the clarity of the presentation, the beauty of layout, and the humbleness of the writing.

Thank you.

Dennis   05-October-2006 - 20:27:01
Kathy has been a great help. I just finished my first (lefty) guitar, with good reviews.

avi tadmor   14-February-2008 - 11:00:10
my love for classical guitars started at 1957 when I was a boy of ten years old,since that time I had the dream to build my own guitar handmade,now i'm 61years old and just completed my first one by using tools and cheep materials.my bigest problem was binding and purfling, so i'll thank you in advance for some tips on those issuses,happy valentine day,

eric   03-June-2008 - 22:25:03
I have now built 3 classical guitars...I was inspired by your site. My first
was from recycled pallet hard woods. My third is made from a beautiful tight grained redwood and has the warm tones of cedar...thanks for the help!

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