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Violin Making - Comments

Violin Making - an illustrated, online tutorial in violin-building, enhanced by sound files and movie clips, and covering the materials needed, design/proportion, joints/gluing, the bow, the mould, the ribs, arching, the purfling, hollowing, sound holes, the bass bar, the sound post, the scroll, the fitting up of the instrument and the varnishing of a violin, as well as care & maintenance and the science behind violin sound

Nick   25-March-2002 - 15:41:10
It is ver very very hard!!!!

Marie   16-December-2003 - 17:07:21
Me and my friend are building a violin........ it isn't extremely difficult but it is hard! Good luck to all of you who are planning on building one! It is alot of fun ecspecially when you are doing it with your best friend!

Maria   16-December-2003 - 17:09:05
I don't think that it is extremely difficult to build a violin..... but i have to admitt that it is hard! Good luck to all of you who are planning on buildling one!

Inna   27-April-2004 - 23:49:32
I play it and it is so wonderful!

cosy   06-June-2005 - 19:30:11
there is a new solution ;), by using CAD/CAM mediums. I project a violin in Catia v5 and then I execute the top plate and back plate on a CNC mill. I have attached to my draw a small database from where I can modify these plate how I want... the process for a plate takes me about 3 hours... but I have the mm precision...

jerry   17-February-2009 - 15:55:49
Thanks for a great site :-) Two small comments - the measurements page doesn't indicate whether metric or imperial measurements - that has to be inferred from the numbers, and no length is given for the linings (pre bent) - this would be useful information for the beginning builder

And your readers might be interested in my home-made bending iron - much cheaper than a commercial one (around $10 for the water pipe) and just uses a heat gun - it's effective (having made a violin an a mandolin with it). Instructions can be found here:



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