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Dennis Havlena: Music-Related Articles - Comments

Dennis Havlena: Music-Related Articles - text-based, instructional articles on making simple & inexpensive but nice sounding/playing musical instruments, including a hurgy gurdy, a simple wash-tub bass, a KORA, a low D tinwhistle, 2-octave kalimba, a simple 5-string fretless banjo, a bowed psaltery, a simple 12-course Hammered Dulcimer, a whirligig, Highland pipes from PVC piping, a pressman's hat and more

Todd Noyes   04-April-2001 - 07:06:30
NO Kidding - This guy is my HERO! I have tried some of his plans and they actually make good playable instruments - just like the "Old Timers" would do - they make great use of available materials and true "Yankee Ingenuity"
Most of all, this site has opened my eyes to new and creative possibilities for instrument building and music making. The HURDY GURDY is the bane of my wife's life but I think it's fantastic ! Next on the list? A fretless banjo or washtub bass ! I can't wait...

Dennis Havlena   23-September-2008 - 18:19:27
Just to say that my webpage of making simple musical instruments is now at a new home:
Dennis Havlena

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