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How to Make a Quena - Comments

How to Make a Quena - a guide to making the quena or kena, traditional flute of the Andes, with suggestions for materials, tools, dimensions and tuning

jennie   02-February-2002 - 21:34:53
it's good

Puso B. Gabiola   27-August-2002 - 13:14:50
I really enjoy surfing on your website. It's very informative and the music is splendid. Keep up the good work. Thank you very much, you really helped me in doing my project!

Cheyanne   01-February-2006 - 18:29:25
it fine could have been better

marcela   02-May-2007 - 20:11:04
helpful & clear instuctions for those new to flutemaking

Trisha   30-April-2009 - 19:52:36
not a great site. this mostly just advertises other sites...

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