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Coppers and Brass: Making Something Out of Nothing - Comments

Coppers and Brass: Making Something Out of Nothing - instruction in making musical instruments primarily out of plumbing pipe, including a tinwhistle/pennywhistle, Scottish small pipes and windchimes

Jamin Grit   21-May-2003 - 18:01:25
I needed to make a musical instrument for my Grade 11 physics class, and I found this site very useful. It gave directions on making instruments that weren't too complicated (The bagpipe looked like it could take several days), and they weren't too easy, like something intended for kindergarten class. I reccomend this site to any high-school, or college students that like music, or just enjoy working with their hands.

peter stencil   18-December-2005 - 08:43:09
it is good

Jacey   31-October-11 - 06:49:04
Kudos! What a neat way of thikinng about it.

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