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Watercolor & Watermedia Tips & Demos - Comments

Watercolor & Watermedia Tips & Demos - a collection of tips and tricks for watercolour techniques, including such topics as "Creating Depth with Value Changes", "Creating White Areas", "Using Value Contrasts Effectively", "Abstracting from Nature", "Textural Effects for Watercolor", "Glazing with Watercolor", "Exploring Sedimentary Pigments", "Choosing A Palette of Colors", "Hard, Soft and Lost Edges in Watercolor", "Practicing Your Brushwork", "Making and Using Stamps" and more

Harry Fearns   23-February-2001 - 12:38:28
I have just started in learning to watercolour. I must just let you know how much of a help your website as been. Thankyou so much it was a pleasure to look and learn from it. Harry in the UK.

David Mathers   16-April-2002 - 10:50:38
this site was a big help to me for being a disabled person ican not get out to some of the things to learn

Bones   15-June-2002 - 04:07:33
I always believed that painting was only for the masters, but your site has shown me how easy it really is. Thanks.

Dianne   25-March-2004 - 18:14:52
Fabulous detailed information for the beginning watercolour painter! Thank you!!

Sylvia L. Dugan   30-June-2004 - 05:55:25
I find your site to be a treasure trove for a watercolor artist like me. Any kind of instructional help seems to be available in a well-organized list of talented artists' websites. Thank you for putting this together.

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