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Painting: Art Studio Chalkboard - Comments

Painting: Art Studio Chalkboard - online guidesheets in colour and painting, including such topics as "The Color Wheel and Color Complements", "Color Saturation and Intensity", "Color Mixing in Light, Pigment and Optics", How to Stretch a Canvas", "Ground Preparations", "Introduction to Painting Tools", "The Painting Process", "Manipulation of the Painting Surface (Impasto & Glaze)", "Oil Painting Modifiers and Varnishes", "Characteristics of Common Pigments", "Notes on Oil Painting", "Notes on Acrylic Painting", "Egg Tempera" and more

Karen   07-June-2001 - 22:20:03
I have been taking art classes now for about 1 year. Mostly Pastels, I
just recently started oils. I thought your site was extremely informative and all your illustrations were easy to follow. Thank you for letting me visut. I hope to return again. I think all teachers should have this kind of instruction on paper, for students to recall. I find with taking a class only once a week, I tend to forget the fundamentals.It would be nice to have them on paper in front of me to read each time I start a new painting. My instructor does not provide this.
Thanks once again.

Karen :)

Brenda Hart   15-January-2002 - 23:58:43
very informative will use in future

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