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Thau's JavaScript Tutorial - Comments

Thau's JavaScript Tutorial - a comprehensive tutorial covering JavaScript fundamentals, including variables, if-then statements, link events, image swaps, the JavaScript Document Object Model (DOM), windows and frames, JavaScript syntax with loops, arrays, functions, forms and more

Jon Teleant   19-May-2000 - 20:02:09
The tutorial, while starting out as fairly decent, failed to live up to its high touting as supposedly the "best on the net!?". I was confused with loops and they did not do much to help me out after emailing them. In fact, the entire tutorial is very difficult to understand. And this is saying plenty since I'm a math major considering Calculus III, double and triple integrals and differential equations came "much easier" than this piece of garbage. The author does much to confuse the student by egging him on, making him look for the answers, without fully explaining the concepts in their entirety. He just kinda "leaves you hanging". This is my second, and last time I attempt this Godawful tutorial. He confuses the learner thoughout the entire tutorial. A case in point, and a rather good one is in section 4, page 4 "loops". I studied the script 'till I was blue in the face with why he designed it as he did. Well, I have some news for all you out there in "computerland".
I found that I could improve on the script with one less set of commands. Like I said, you'd be better going to another Javascript site, but I found that after looking at perhaps 80 or so, I've come to the conclusion that no one knows what they're talking about. Yes, that's right. No one can explain the basics all the way through in a comprehensive, calm, cool manner that goes down fine, like a truly 'good wine.' Better try the hardcopy books! I guess, 'cause, ironically so, you're not gonna find it on the net-- that's for certain. Least not till someone that knows what's what takes the initiative to create the site.

Peter   20-May-2000 - 03:41:29
Hi Jon,

Sorry that you are experiencing frustration in trying to learn Javascript. You may wish to try the "JavaScript for the Total Non-Programmer" link again <http://www.webteacher.com/javascript/index.html > Perhaps the site, or one of the many routers between you or the site was temporarily down when you tried it earlier - the link is valid.

Although many people before you have had success with the sites we list in that category, it is of course true that not everything available for free is of commercial-level quality. I would recommend that at this point you consider hiring the services of a "live" tutor or teacher, since after looking at so many tutorials you will have amassed plenty of content and will likely only require very specific help in certain areas.

If you want to avoid paying at all costs, then I would suggest following the "Expert City" link further down on our Javascript page. They offer 1-on-1 programming help via the Internet, and you can ask your first question free without obligation.

Best of luck with this,


Peter <peter@wannalearn.com>
"The best free, family-safe, online tutorials, guides and
instructionally oriented Websites on the Net!"


Mr. cool   03-March-2001 - 03:26:20
a really cool place with a lot of cool stuff.both the basic and the advanced javascript tutorial of thau is superb..

Jaspreet singh   12-April-2003 - 12:08:52
Thau's javascript tutorial was amazing but it's quite difficult. To go through thau's tutorial, you should first have a basic understanding of this tutorial:-<http://mason.k12.il.us/havanahs/WebDesign/HTMLGuide/lesson01.html> by
Joe barta.

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