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Gary Ewer's Easy Music Theory - Comments

Gary Ewer's Easy Music Theory - a complete online musical theory course for beginners or those looking for a refersher course, with MIDI files and illustrations and covering the grand staff, notes, the keyboard, note durations, measures, tones and semi-tones, major scales, key signatures, intervals, double sharps & double flats, harmonic, and melodic minor scales, time signatures, tonic and dominant triads, key identification, triads and roman numerals, octave transposition, triplets, key transposition, triad inversions, cadences, modes, other clefs, score formats and more

Susan   25-August-2000 - 14:51:29
I was very impressed with this site. It made it very easy for me to start teaching piano. It had everything I need to give a great lesson.

N. Simpson   29-November-2000 - 19:33:15
VERY Informational site. Mr. Ewer does an excellent job of explaining and illustrating basic music theory. I would recommend it to any beginner or anyone who wants to brush up.

Pebbles   10-April-2003 - 16:26:37
Without Gary Ewer's Easy Music Theory, I would not have passed Music 100. What I did not or could not learn from my professor - I learned from Gary Ewer's Easy Music Theory. I am impressed and I strongly recommend his website to anyone that has an interest in music! You cannot and/or will not go wrong with Gary Ewer's Easy Music Theory!

Naomi Tsang   05-October-2005 - 10:51:01
I feel that this site is pretty good, esp with the quizzes at the end to test yourself. The concepts are told in a less complicated way as well.

Chris   18-August-2008 - 11:58:09
I'm having to learn Grade 1 music theory for September, so I got a copy the CD-ROM this site sells. It covered a little more than I needed to know, so I'd say it's a decent resource for those looking to learn from scratch.

The videos are presented like class lessons. They're rather amateur, and I can't help but find the presenter creepy, but they do they do the job. As MPGs, they're not great quality, but they go nicely on an iPod for example.

The PDFs (worksheets, quizes, lesson summaries) are also handy in testing your knowledge. So if you prefer to learn by reading out of a book, then you can print these out... so together with an iPod, it's a nice portable music package...

Ed   12-November-10 - 19:57:24
I haven't opened the CD package yet, but I'm annoyed with the service I received. I ordered the music theory cd's on Oct. 26, 2010. I called and left a voicemail as well as emailed and got no reply. I finally received the cd's on Nov. 12. On the envelope it said it was shipped out on November 9. The thing is, I paid for the express mail option, which was $12. Instead of a week as claimed on his website, it took 13 business days to receive my order. I would be wary about paying more for the express shipping option. If the express shipping option takes more than 2 weeks for the same country (I'm in BC), I can't imagine how long it would take to receive something by regular post. I hope nobody else has this experience. The other thing that bothers me is that I never got a phone call or email reply to my inquiry.

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