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A Paper Airplane: Sabertooth - Comments

A Paper Airplane: Sabertooth - an illustrated, step-by-step guide to making a paper airplane of the classic Sabertooth design

Erick and Shane   29-November-2000 - 21:13:58
Very easy to understand site, the pictures. I like the plane, flies well. One part of instruction I think would be very difficult for a kid to figure out. Could offer little easier to understand instruction for the younger generations.

Steven Clark   11-April-2001 - 15:53:14
This Paper Airplane flies good, inside and outside, Its not to hard to make once you understand Step 7 and one of the best airplanes I've ever flew.

Jichao Xu   18-August-2001 - 15:13:09

JORDAN I   07-December-2001 - 20:59:00

koda21   08-February-2002 - 22:26:56
To hard at the end.

luke   24-March-2002 - 12:23:36
i really like the sabatooth it flys really well thanks for the tips

i am 6   24-March-2002 - 12:29:40
i am six and touht it was easy

Lance   07-April-2002 - 20:29:27
Can someone really explain step 7 ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

nvmdg   18-April-2002 - 14:13:53
its ok

KMan   20-June-2002 - 17:08:09
Can't seem to make it fly good for more than 1 time

Chou Hung   16-July-2002 - 12:02:32
I'm the creator of the Sabertooth paper airplane website and appreciate all the comments everyone has given. The website has moved, and the new URL is http://www.geocities.com/chouhung/saber.html I've tried to clarify the instructions and would appreciate any comments. Thanks!

James F   28-September-2002 - 12:15:27
I can't understand step 7!!!!! I tried twice. It looks like it but it doesnt fly like it. Just to let you know I am one of the cleaverest people in year 8 and THIS baffles me!!!!!!!!!!

Alisha L.   02-October-2002 - 18:19:48
It flies exellently !!!

A BUM   24-October-2002 - 21:02:56
THIS PLANE IS THE BEST PAPER PLANE I EVER HAD THE HONER TO FLY!!!!!!!!!! But enough about that. I was tring to go for the world record (a.k.a 27 sec) and flew it in my parking lot at ground level and got about 18 sec but I'm not sure cuase my ten-year-old brother was up in space and started the stop-watch a bit later. (F.Y.I. ifyour confused about step 7 like James F or Lance just go to google and type sabertoothplanes but no web sites will apper so click DO YOU MEAN.......)

Hi   15-May-2003 - 21:12:13
This is an awesome paper airplane! I am doing this for a project at school. Who's plane can fly the really far. Can this plane fly far compared to others? Oh yeah, and I am 10 and this plane was easy! :)

Kim   01-June-2003 - 23:35:15
I think this needs to be an easier guideline...

Tim   05-September-2003 - 12:57:47
Great design. Instructions are easy to understand and the plane flies nicely.

Martha   22-October-2003 - 13:32:17
I didn't understand the directions and wasn't able to make the peper airplane. I found this to be a gruling tasks. next time try to make the directions more clear

zack   15-December-2003 - 16:51:08
make it more clear step 7 is so complicated and i cant get it also what do they mean by folding over to the right???????????????????????????????????

Ben   21-December-2003 - 20:40:40
best ever!

jason davis   04-February-2004 - 17:13:09
These instructions have the worst step by step explanations ever. Steps like "flip over and fold triangles again" and "flip this way" are so vague that no one would be able to understand how to build them except the guy who designed the airplane himself. Most of the steps dont even have a picture to correspond to them. For example in one of the steps it shows a picture of what the plane looks like after that certain step, but the direction don't explain clearly what the heck to do to make it look that way. You take for granted that not everyone knows what you're are talking about in your steps and you act like everyone knows how to make thes paper airplanes in the first place. If you really want to make a good paper airplane web site then make the instruction fun and east to follow along. It should be that a five year could make these planes. And you can do that if you have the common sense to explain everything clearly and everything that will make building these planes easier. Its sites like these that spoil the fun of making paper airplanes by making it a freakin guessing game of what you're suppose to do next. What would be nice is if there was actually a paper airplane site that had a video of each step as its being done. Then paper airplanes would be a whole lot funner to make.

Shane Mersnick   08-April-2004 - 22:01:21
By following the directions and since I'm only 8 on step 7 I Messed up and created a whole new plane!

J Harmon   16-April-2004 - 14:02:44
simple & flies great

T. Hancox   22-April-2004 - 08:14:08
A gem!! This airplane was so easy to make, even for a first timer. Thanks

lisa   26-April-2004 - 20:09:59

kate   13-May-2004 - 18:27:36
your instructions were awsome! my sabretooth flies better than any other plane ive made!

Bob   17-September-2004 - 15:08:15
This airplane is too hard, and not enough detailed instructions.

TOM   10-December-2004 - 13:49:13

Joshua   17-January-2005 - 12:19:04
Great way to learn

Aaron   09-February-2005 - 21:46:23
that jason davis feller needs to calm down. direction #7 makes perfect sence. you just need calm down and go through it slowly. great airplane and great instructions

Sunny   11-February-2005 - 23:16:48
The Sabertooth is an awesome plane it can fly soooooooooooooooooooooo far. It even flies up a little bit if you point it straight down and bend the back of the two wings up a little bit. But if I was U i wouldn't do it because it might not fly as far as it would before you folded it. IMPORTANT DO NOT GET THE PLANE WET BECAUSE IT WILL DO A NOSEDIVE. I got it wet at school today and it flew like trying to get a pig to fly! SO DON'T GET THE PLANE WET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

david   25-April-2005 - 19:41:34
it's good

Jordan   26-June-2005 - 23:20:05
nice site poor instructions it would be better if it had anamated instructions if avalable but was nice :)

josh   04-August-2005 - 03:48:23
Its great

J   06-August-2005 - 20:57:08
I searched on the internet for along time and even came up with some of my own but, this one IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

c   28-September-2005 - 13:14:06
the steps were too hard

Michael B. (11 yr.)   09-October-2005 - 19:39:14
I dont see why u all r having such a hard time with the 7th step. Its quite easy if u ask me... Flight - great, i will probably not have a hard time remembering the steps either ^^

princess   22-November-2005 - 16:29:14
i think this was the worst plane in the world. The instructions were confusing, and it took a while to construct. There are better sites than this. :(

MDN   28-December-2005 - 16:07:00
I think this plane is a smooth and graceful flyer. All the people having problems with Step#7 certainly don't have a nogen. Its so simple, you just have to slow down and have patience (though I did not even need to do that).

Dak   06-January-2006 - 15:31:02
I didn't get step 7, maybe if you posted a video that showed us how to do it, it wouldn't be so bad.

shrinath   01-April-2006 - 03:13:30
that was really nice.

David Curtis   30-April-2006 - 12:17:43
Excellent -- Easy to follow instructions .. Great plane!!!

keotaivy rom   27-September-2006 - 13:25:53
the paper airplanes is okay for me because the airplanes is almost hard for

Lauren   24-October-2006 - 05:45:41
it is the best paper plane, i had to make one for my assingment. it goes really far and straight.

Gill   02-November-2006 - 16:43:34
so ugly

matt eagleson   02-November-2006 - 16:49:57

rachel   05-November-2006 - 15:08:58
this airplane was okay but not the best in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

um..   18-January-2007 - 19:40:00
its kinda wierd i don't get step seven....HELP

THE FROG   08-April-2007 - 12:56:31
easilty one of the greatest planes in the world-keyword(ONE of the greatest).nice site but instructions to me i thought they where easy bit try making alittle more CLEAR.

unanymous   24-August-2007 - 10:33:26
i dont get the last step not much detail

Carmel Connolly   29-October-2007 - 19:57:10
This plane was very difficult to make.The diagrams were v. hard to follow after step 7.Otherwise when it was finished overall performance was good.

ABHILASH   22-April-2008 - 00:49:26
it is superb

chainer   15-November-2008 - 17:12:33
this is the awsomestest plane in the world

Azmah   18-January-2009 - 21:36:32
Nice guide!

corey   05-September-2009 - 05:34:53
I love this plane. The instructions were very clear. the plane flies awesome!

BAiley   11-September-2009 - 09:49:54

ugonna emuka   26-August-10 - 18:31:35

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