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Captain Dave's Survival Guide - Comments

Captain Dave's Survival Guide - a guide to survival in a variety of situations, covering what to prepare for, food, water, shelter, survival first aid, protecting what you have, how to afford all this and more

darron g.   15-October-2000 - 12:28:40
excellent site. very well done.

Macie   10-April-2001 - 03:48:31
Sorry Captain Dave- not the info i was looking for, but pretty good.

Todd   14-November-2002 - 16:15:52
Lots of free content and good advice.

Gary R. Finley   23-August-2003 - 15:52:24
What do you do when you loose the gear??

DC   22-May-2004 - 11:41:04
Very, Very good info. Finally someone with some common sense and not afraid to stand up for what is right. Hope it never comes to having to use a lot of this info, but if it does, I know it will really help. Thanks and keep up the good work !

Anonomous   06-August-2004 - 02:18:59
great, a good read! im a girl guide and this site was very useful to me for survival skills for my badge.

Riaan   26-February-2005 - 14:26:18
Very informative in the whole.Only a couple of details not applicable to my country (South-Africa)
Given the target audience,I would stil liked to have seen a chapter on home made weaponry to the like such as blowguns,slingshots,bow and arrows and short instructions/usage tips.
Nevertheless a great site!

will   25-May-2005 - 17:03:48
very good but some of the info is out of date

alma cooper   24-November-2005 - 21:43:13
Thank you for the wonderful information. I have been researching this type of info for a very long time. I have three kits, small, medium, and large. All ready at any time. I am disabled and refuse to be "stuck on stupid" when something is occuring or has occured. It is sad that I have met no one who understands. Only my dearest friend does, so I have sent her kits . Sometimes I am not sure if I have too much or too little. I have much of what I have researched on many wonderful sights. All have helped in some way. Food is still a slight delimma. I have dehydrated my own, but you need to much water to prepare it. I apologize for this lengthy writing, but I am thankful for being able to have another understand. Love,take care,thanks again and God Bless alma

zug   25-December-2005 - 03:37:13
not everyone has 500 xtra cash and xtra credit cards and and and and and and and and and , this guys an office arm chair wannabe.

RJ   30-May-2008 - 11:54:39
This is one of the few sites that discussed expectation scenarios. ie, expect neighbors to demand/TRY TO take whatever you have and then blame you for not equipping them. It explains a Katrina story.

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