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Table Saw Safety - Comments

Table Saw Safety - a brief guidesheet on safe table saw practices, with links to safety guides for the jointer planer, sanding machine and thickness planer

Jim   25-January-2003 - 22:49:18
Great site with safety considerations for some other tools and occupations as well

Alan Boyd   06-August-2003 - 12:58:58
Great safety tips. Thanks for the access. However, there is a problem with tip no. 6. This should read "150 mm", not "150 cm".

Bryan Black   26-March-2006 - 18:57:34
Thanks for the good basic safety information.
The comment in #25 regarding the use of the cross cut guide and the ripfence only when they are on the same side of the fence is confusing rather than helpful. It should be stated exactly when the rip fence and the crosscut guide are safe to use together. For example, when making a tennon or multiple cutting with a block clamped to the fence it IS safe to use the two guides together.
Also the comment in #12 regarding the ripping of materials less than 2" wide by using an auxillary fence (because the guard gets in the way) may be done somewhere (?) but certainly not in industry. The question of the use of a sheild guard is worthy of debate. In my view the blade shield guard could be used when cutting a piece of plywood, for example. What is really critical in guarding the blade is a splitter and hold down fingers. The blade guard can be and often is repaced by a good pair of safety glasses. Remember the guard does get in the way and often the view of the blade is obscured or completely hidden by the guard; that is a safety hazzard in itself.

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