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Guide to Grammar and Writing - Comments

Guide to Grammar and Writing - a large amount of instructional material on grammar and writing at the sentence, paragraph and essay levels, including such sections as "Sentence Parts and Word Functions", " The Garden of Phrases", "Notorious Confusables: words we get mixed up", "Subject-Verb Agreement", "Writing Concise Sentences", "Parallel Structures", "Sentence Variety", "Consistency of Tense and Pronoun Reference", "Paragraph Development", "Principles of Composition" and much more

LaNett   27-January-2005 - 17:10:50
Thank-you for this site. I home school my children, but do not have a very good grip on the English/Grammar area. Thanks again for your help.

Aykut   07-October-2005 - 05:42:41
It's the best English Grammar web site i have ever seen so far.

Jason   24-August-2006 - 14:02:44
I learned more about English from this website than from school. Very good resource.

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