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Ukelele Lesson - Comments

Ukelele Lesson - a humourously-illustrated guide to playing the ukelele, covering the good and bad points of a ukelele, buying a ukulele, names of the parts, tuning, chords, strokes, strumming and more

julie   05-October-2002 - 13:27:51
i loved this site! it was hilarious. "erick crapton"? heh. someone oughta get this guy a good translator. anyhow, i am loving the fact that in about 10 minutes spent on this site i was able to learn more ukelele chords than i had in 3 months of struggling to learn by myself (this is my first stringed instrument...give me a break!). especially check out "chapter 8," as it's the only online list of ukelele chords i've ever seen. good stuff, good stuff.

Paul Shaw   11-March-2003 - 10:34:31
I found this site by accident, As already mentioned the translation was a littlt haphazard, but the content was informative and fun, "Pray badry sing vely roud". Well worth a visit and the chord chart is very clear and printable. also check out uke101.

Tony Tomato   07-April-2003 - 08:47:06
I am a guitar player who fancied a mess with a Ukelele. This site was fun but it told me exactly what I wanted to know: the tunings and the chords. Thank you very much. You are a star!

Ukee wanabee   20-July-2003 - 02:13:05
Thankyou so much for the completely enjoyable instructions. I've been playing in a "D" tuning, but I think you have reformed me for life. I'll be back. Thanks again!

Brandon   17-September-2003 - 14:02:08
I would not be the musician I am without this informative, insiteful and comedic look at the ukelele. Buy a ukelele, it will make you happy.

Peter Woodman   08-November-2003 - 07:37:49
I've been a guitar player for years, but just got a ukelele yesterday. This site told me all I needed to know to start playing. Excellent & fun. Move over, George Formby!

Brian   07-March-2004 - 18:50:57
I've been playing guitar for 32 years and decided to take up the Uke. This site is great fun and informative. New players, please tune in GCEA, it's much nicer.

xian   05-April-2004 - 14:06:54
I got my tenor ukulele, Helena, last week and I love it. It makes people smile! It feels nice in my hands. It's easy to play but I think I'm learning faster because of that.

I am playing loud and singing bad! or is it the other way around? and I love it.

uke   13-May-2004 - 04:38:59
i want a ukelele hwere shal i buy it

Heather   26-May-2004 - 20:51:29
Way fun! I just got my Ukulele today! After wanting one for 10 years - why did I wait so long? Great site, showed me what I needed to know to start! I now know 4 chords, & was able to print the rest for later! Thanks for a great site! Happy strumming!

Cata   14-October-2004 - 04:43:32
I want to learn to play the uke

Christian N.   11-November-2004 - 19:17:04
The information presented here in this site is brilliant! Short, clear, and very informative - especially a printable image page of all the chords. This will help me learn how to play the ukulele that much easier.. Thank you author!

redoubt road, new zealand   11-February-2005 - 19:49:19
great, simple, clear, humorous, and short advice. just a pity i didnt see this before i went to hawaii last year 2004

Thomaat   02-May-2005 - 17:56:38
Gotta... have... ukelele...!

Very good guide that pulled me over the line. I'm getting one soon. Very soon ^^

Julie   04-May-2005 - 20:23:29

Mei Mei   17-May-2008 - 10:50:23
Quick tips & fun to follow!

David Cronin   06-November-2008 - 06:25:51
thanks heaps, lots of fun and the best chord chart to share with other wanna be uke players.

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