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Reading Faster - Tricks for Good Grades - Comments

Reading Faster - Tricks for Good Grades - a short guide to improve your reading speed, covering why speed is important, looking at groups of words, skim reading and more

Clinton Labombard   05-December-2002 - 04:24:13
This site wouldn't be useful for a student. It gives no lessons on speed-reading and the test covers nothing more than the paltry introduction itself. I would give it a lower score if I could.

this site suks   22-August-2006 - 14:27:17
this site is a waste of time so get info on it

Jackie J.   26-June-2009 - 22:57:28
the whole section on how to get better grades is great. the site also has a good section on science. i rank it an A+

Luella   18-May-11 - 22:50:35
You’re on top of the game. Tanhks for sharing.

Dweezil   18-May-11 - 23:05:00
I'm impressed! You've mnaaged the almost impossible.

Gump   19-May-11 - 09:42:48
Home run! Great sligugng with that answer!

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