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How Do You Become a Better Reader? - Comments

How Do You Become a Better Reader? - a collection of "advice sheets" that teach you how to improve skill of reading, including "Thinking about reading", "Evaluating how much you have improved in reading", "Improving reading speed", "Reading for main points", "Reading for specific information" and "Reading critically"

liffa   30-March-2003 - 17:38:43
I am grateful for this side because it is helping in my reading skills especially because of the fact that English is second language.

Kenneth   29-September-2004 - 11:02:54
These are books that childern need to enhance their reading skills. I think that most speed reading should be tought at schools, Library's and community centers.

kaliss   04-October-2005 - 09:06:44
very good

pot head   25-October-2006 - 10:19:45
I'm better at reading now It is so awsome to learn to read so fast.

Black ace   24-June-2008 - 10:26:08
reading is something that you have to know in the real world

Keshawn   23-September-11 - 14:03:26
You're a real deep thienkr. Thanks for sharing.

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