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Learn To Cross Stitch In 5 Minutes - Comments

Learn To Cross Stitch In 5 Minutes - a quick, online guide to the basics of cross-stitching, with discussion about graphs, evenweave fabric, needles, floss, embroidery hoops, scissors, choosing your fabric, begining, stitching, backstitching, carrying your threads, finishing and more

Diana Humphries   09-August-2000 - 10:47:34
I really LOVE your site. Even though I live in a large city, I don't know many people and finding someone to learn cross stitch from has been nearly impossible. It's great to have a resource like yours accessible 24-7, I'm trying to learn at home on my own and when I get stuck...I can now just surf to your site!

Cathy   02-October-2002 - 17:27:16
Thank you for posting the "Learn to Cross Stitch in 5 Minutes" page. I'm teaching 7-8 graders how to do different craft and art projects. This has saved me a lot of time.
Thank you again.

Calet   12-March-2003 - 15:03:35
Thank you for this wonderful oppurtunity to learn cross-stitching. This web site is really wonderful.

Kassie   31-October-11 - 14:21:54
What I find so interesting is you could never find this aynhewre else.

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