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The Natural Handyman's Home Repair Index - Comments

The Natural Handyman's Home Repair Index - a large archive of illustrated home repair articles, covering adhesives, asbestos, attic fans, basement dampness and water problems, bathroom fans, brick or mortar stains, carbon monoxide, carpet repair and removal, bathroom caulking, adhesive cement, clothes washers and dryers, pipes, hiring contractors, door repair and adjustment, duct tape, epoxy, fans, squeaky floors, garages, glass, household pests, insulation, locks, masonry, natural gas, polyurethane, propane gas, refrigerators, shelving, ventilation, wallpaper and more

dino   25-July-2002 - 10:34:26
too many advertisements open in new windows, slowing my connection

Jerry Alonzy   13-October-2003 - 20:23:37
All popup ads have been removed from the Natural Handyman website except for one popup regarding our own newsletter. We received many complaints, but were under contract to an agency, which expired in August.

Maribeth   02-July-11 - 10:20:10
Gee whiz, and I toghhut this would be hard to find out.

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