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Kyle's Virtual Guitar Lessons - Comments

Kyle's Virtual Guitar Lessons - a collection of beginner to intermediate illustrated lessons in rock guitar using tabulature, covering finger picking, drop D tuning, using scales, barre chords, economy fingering, scale theory, learning by ear, octaves, harmonics, chord construction, finger dexterity, hammer-ons and pull-offs, palm muting, fretboard tapping, standard and alternative tuning, the major scale, arpeggios, reading music - standard notation, power chords, the capo and more

megan   08-August-2000 - 15:41:47
cool site....useful info...not too detailed, but not too brief either. Good resource for a new learner.

Leon Strawn   17-March-2002 - 02:24:01
This site Does really help. good jod to the programmer!!!!!

aashish   04-February-2004 - 07:23:46
helpful for learning basics....but still chord construction lesson was not clear

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