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Slowhand Blues Guitar Tutorial - Comments

Slowhand Blues Guitar Tutorial - an online tutorial on playing blues guitar enhanced with photographs and MP3 sound files, covering how to read tabulature, the very basics of guitar music, rhythm guitar blues basics, the blues scale, blues techniques, blues licks, Delta blues, blues jamming, fingerstyle blues and more

Alex   24-March-2001 - 17:36:34
This site is great!

I found the instructions for blues guitar VERY VERY helpful, in fact it taught me more than my teacher did!

Dave Miller   02-February-2002 - 20:35:28
Good all around. The download feature was also handy.

Onur Konuralp   12-February-2003 - 01:00:26
If you wanna learn some blues, you shoudl visit this excellent side.
Nice job, easy navigation. Thanks a lot Geerd,

daniel   06-February-2004 - 04:12:33
my favorite site, learnd that much

CARL RAMBALI   26-May-2004 - 00:07:15
good stuff

Jürgen   17-October-2004 - 06:01:59
Best and complete Site I ever seen.

Nanette   01-November-2004 - 14:56:05
Very thorough site and plenty of information on blues

Steve   09-February-2005 - 09:04:39
Great site..I learned alot, keep it up!!

Paulo Ricardo   19-February-2006 - 15:27:23
Gostaria de receber algum material de guitarra, e parabéns a vocês por este grande site! Obrigado

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