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Origami Mathematics - Comments

Origami Mathematics - a collection of tutorials on the mathematics of origami, including various geometric constructions and bibliography of other relevant articles, books and journal issues

Louise Warren   11-August-2004 - 11:47:56
Excellent site- I have recently completed the ring of six intersecting stars (at manchester BOS convention)and want to fold the intersecting tetrahedra next- with Thomas Hull's brilliant tutorial, I'm sure I'll be able to.
Thank you.

Amelia   06-February-2005 - 16:04:51

tip   22-November-2005 - 16:10:03
i dont really like this site beacause there are no good steps of how to make stuff

emily   21-May-2006 - 22:52:59
you have great steps for origami You really helped me with my report on japan now i love to do origami and am trying different things

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