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Origami Help for Beginners - Comments

Origami Help for Beginners - a short tutorial for beginners to origami that teaches the requisite skills to make almost any well-diagrammed model in any book or Website through explaining common folding symbols and written instructions

Melody   14-February-2002 - 20:09:51
it was a lot of help!

M. Decker   27-October-2003 - 20:00:58
I found the crinkled paper background to be disconcerting. Otherwise, the explanations of the various words was quite good.

None ya'   06-March-2004 - 23:14:57
I didn't like the wrinkled paper background either. But, it was helpful. Thanks!

joel   22-June-2004 - 04:56:57
i would like to know how to make animals

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