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Origami Interest Group: Diagrammed Models - Comments

Origami Interest Group: Diagrammed Models - a collection of step-by-step instructions for a creating wide range of origami items, covering basic origami folds, aeroplanes and star ships, birds, boats, bookmarks, boxes and containers, buildings, clothes, fishes, flowers, furniture, garlands and chains, hearts, humans, insects, mammals, money, ornaments, puzzles, reptiles and prehistoric animals, roses, toys and more

Britany   29-November-2002 - 11:16:45
The Origami isn't 3D, the type of origami that I like.

Caroline   14-July-2004 - 08:27:14
A really nice webstite!!!!! I've been looking for this type of website for a long time!!!:)

Brittany   17-December-2005 - 23:06:05
This site did't help me at all. All it did was confuse me even more then I all ready am. Soooo HaHa

hosa   17-November-2007 - 15:32:36
ah...where are the instructions?

muaaz   19-April-10 - 05:55:24
i like the diagrams :)

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