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Playful Psychic - Comments

Playful Psychic - a concise method for learning psychic abilities through using simple techniques, covering such basic skills as grounding, centering, drawing energy, creating psiballs, shutdown and shielding, such advanced skills as empathy, telepathy, astral projection, aura vision, psychokinesis and more

GoldenKow   21-August-2000 - 22:38:03
What's there to say?
It's a great site and definitely deserves a look!

James   05-January-2001 - 21:35:54
this is the best website i could ever find!!!!!!!! it has every bit of info i need who ever made this website i think it is the coolest website of all!!

Jason Dietz   13-January-2001 - 11:20:47
Great place on how to learn to control your energy the ghy who made this must be good

Psionic   07-March-2001 - 14:02:59
Wow!!!!!. This site is great.i have learned some abilities in a week.It must site.YOU MUST GO IF YOU WANT TO UNLOCK YOUR ABILITIES.

dhana100   06-August-2001 - 19:28:47
the link to this site doesnt work. if you know why, pls let me know at dhana100@yahoo.com

thunderbird   02-January-2002 - 13:25:17
this was a great website it helped me get into psi abilaties and i am greatly improving as well as exploring new techniques

Leigh-Ann   15-March-2002 - 23:26:11
I found this extremely useful in teaching my students, and it gave them something else to refer to ó at least, something worthwhile. There are too many books and sites out there that are just a waste of time, and this isn't one of them. From all my students, thanks, and keep up the good work!

Captain L.   18-May-2002 - 20:58:19
Great site; helped me learn.

Emily   31-May-2002 - 23:52:25
The link worked fine for me. The site is well done.

celeste   16-September-2002 - 03:45:47
I want to know how to develop telekinesis....

Prashant Singh Pawar   11-October-2002 - 04:07:07
This is a great book. If you do all its excercises regularly then it is certain that you would become a psychic one day.

momo   09-January-2003 - 09:17:19
this was absolutley great. ive got places with my psychic abilities but this was easier

Basty/CDGS   25-August-2003 - 21:22:43
Thank you all guys for making this site! I love you!
Thanks to this I was able to tell a dog telepathically during a friend visit that he should stand up and move next to the door because I had to go to the toilet. And immediately after I opened my eyes again, he did! He did exactly moved as I visualized it.
Best regards,
:-) Basty/CDGS (-:

Shamanism, breaking the barriers of the physical world.

Basty/CDGS   25-August-2003 - 21:27:33
Ohhh, I forgot...For all those experimented psychics, I have the following emerald which teaches also very advanced skills like levitation, teleportation and even interstellar travel (no joke, they have even a huge planetary/star database including atmospheric data).
And I shouldn't know why this shouldn't work after had telekinesis success. We can do anything if we allow our spirit to do this:

Best regards,
:-) Basty/CDGS (-:

Love the life! Live the love!

Alec   28-August-2003 - 09:46:30
Yup, this site is good. And I don't say that lightly. It covers everything, starting with the basic techniques we all must learn if we aren't born-on and have to train, as per most people. I'd recommend using it in conjunction with the methodical exercises in Anka's training manual, on the Psion Guild website. If you have any talent, you really will get results. It makes mention of more bizarre occurrences for those who like a bit of goggle-eyed speculation.


Yohnel Sol Sixtus   26-June-2005 - 21:04:11
These exercises are very helpful for magical use in a circle. I open my circles with the Golden Dawn Watchtower ritual, sometmes with my simplified version of the Bornless One or simply the LBRP. And your techniques can even further solidify my circle.
Yohnel Sol Sixtus

Spirit   04-January-2006 - 12:16:02
This isn't the place for me.I need to learn how to get stronger feelings so I know if my frends are going to get or not.

Kayleen   19-May-11 - 00:14:01
There√ā¬ís a seerct about your post. ICTYBTIHTKY

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