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Flamenco FAQ for Classical Guitarists - Comments

Flamenco FAQ for Classical Guitarists - a frequently-asked questions list about flamenco guitar playing for guitarists with a classical background, answering such questions as "What is flamenco?", "What makes a guitarist a "flamenco" guitarist?", "How do I learn to accompany?", "How can I get a taste of what flamenco accompaniment feels like before going to all this effort?" and "Who are some recommended flamenco guitarists to listen to?"

Jeremy   20-June-2005 - 00:08:05
Thank you

Rafael   01-January-2007 - 10:55:07
If you are considering flamenco - READ THIS. This is a slice of what flamenco guitar is allll about; accompaniment. Playing solo has nowhere near the rewards (unless you ARE as good as PDL or Bacan or..), and you do NOT have to be 'good' - just in compas!

I played 'solo' for a few years now. I can 'gig' a bit, but I finally got up the nerve to go to the dance classes. EVERYONE is helpful, as they WANT and NEED more guitarists. I was sooooo nervous at first, but I now go to 5 classes each week, and after about 6 months, I can now 'carry' some of the classes or palos myself, singers sit with me to sing and help, and I have been asked to play for a beginners Buleria class. SO MUCH MORE FUN THAN SITTING AT HOME, PRACTICING! Sitting in for a dance class is like getting a free lesson!

Try it! You'll probably love it!!! :-)

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