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English-Zone.Com - instruction for students who are learning English as a Second Language, or studying English in general, complete with interactive javascript tests, covering grammar, verbs, idioms, spelling, conversation, vocabulary, reading and writing, jokes, fun things and more

Sebastian   18-April-2001 - 20:39:03
Wow! This is a FANTASTIC site!

Anne Pinel   02-June-2002 - 12:47:15
Simply excellent !!!!!
I use it with my students to practise exercises on grammar ( I teach English as second language in France).

Sarah Bernhardt   15-October-2002 - 06:42:40
I always loved this site - but now it's a "members only" set-up. Some activites are still free, but you have to pay for most of them now. Unfortunately, as an EFL instructor, the money just isn't there for a service that I can get for free other places.

Keyon   22-September-11 - 17:53:07
I'm so glad that the internet allwos free info like this!

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