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The Tagalog Language Home Page - Comments

The Tagalog Language Home Page - a comprehensive set of instructional tagalog lessons and activities designed to help beginning and intermediate students improve their listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in Tagalog, also including grammar references and lessons for kids

Peter Chong   08-September-2001 - 19:07:06
Dear Sir,
Tagalog Language Home Page is the most comprehensive self-learning site on Tagalog. The lessons are very well structured and the explanation are very clear and lucid. The clarity of the vocal section is excellent.

As learner without any prior knowledge of Tagalog, I found it most educational and was able to comprehend written Tagalog within a week of learning from this site.

Suggestion: I think the site is meant for student of Illonios University. Though it permits others to take part in some of the quizzes, I wish it would allow people like me to register and avail ourselves of lots of other features currently closed to us. I am quite prepared to pay a registration fee.

Thank you.

lianne   31-December-2002 - 13:55:37
I like this site because it not only features lessons in the Tagalog language, but also interesting information regarding the Filipino culture. I believe that when learning a foreign language, one must also come to understand the culture where it came from.

Shella   19-November-2003 - 21:34:41
Is it possible to add "Online quizzes for kids" on tagalog grammar and short stories..?

Ruth R. Francisco   13-May-2005 - 22:42:57
Gusto po namin matuto.

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