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Knitted Threads: Tips and Techniques - Comments

Knitted Threads: Tips and Techniques - instructional guides in several issues of concern to crocheters, covering how to change colors in crochet, reading filet crochet patterns, making your crochet project a littler easier to control, doing an afghan/tunisian stitch, front and back post stitches, the cro-hook, crocheted cable stitches and more

tlkjmiller   27-January-2000 - 08:48:54
Thanks so much!! My 12 yr old daughter was home with bronchitis, but feeling better and wanted to learn how to crochet so she could make an afghan for the VFW patients. Your site was just perfect!

Rhonda Clenna   04-October-2001 - 23:27:05
This is a great site! Very easy to understand, color diagrams are exceptional. Keep up the good work.

Cheryl   24-October-2002 - 10:16:26
I always wanted to know how to use my double ended crochet hooks. The instructions here are great. I also will make use of the cable stitch which I never knew existed until now, even after 35 years of crocheting. It was explained beautifully. Thanks

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