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Getting Started with UNIX - Comments

Getting Started with UNIX - a general introduction and reference for Unix novices, with things of interest for experienced users, covering how to log on and log off from a Unix system, how to work with Unix files and directories, how to protect and manage your account, how to work with the Unix shell, how to use network tools and more

John H   14-February-2005 - 18:45:01
I'm a newbie and am looking for very basic tutorial type instruction on how to use a shell. Right now I am running Mandrake 10.0 and am finding it difficult to install a utility called Macromedia FlashPlayer which is script-based. It must be downloaded, uncompressed and then a command line instruction must be used to run the installer. Right now I am trying to determine how to do all this. So I am finding all the how-to's in this site quite useful.

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