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Learning & Performing Magic - Lance Burton - Comments

Learning & Performing Magic - Lance Burton - a collection of archived magic coin, card and math magic secrets from magician Lance Burton, as well as simple word challenge tricks, and instructional articles targetted at beginners

NovAkaine3002   16-April-2001 - 21:29:55
Very Very small site. Mainly used for selling products. Found very few tricks on this site.

Sophiea Noorie Mohammed   05-June-2002 - 16:30:06
I must commend you on this site.It is very interesting and informative.Do keep up the good work.Bye for now.

bill   11-April-2003 - 00:20:30
you are the best of the worst!!!!!!!!!!

m,gvbrgtdgf   17-April-2003 - 12:54:34
toooooooo wordy not enough tricks

miop   16-August-2004 - 16:58:20
it wasnt so good

Adam Pena   07-October-2004 - 09:58:45
The website needs more flavor it seems to dry.The site needs to have some extracts from his shows from the beganing to the present. He needs to blow the waters out of these other magicians websites even David Blaines is more intriguing then Lance.

tiffanie   29-June-2005 - 16:50:14
this is a very boring site.

Magdelena Gonzalez   01-January-2007 - 14:48:31
Este sitio es excelente y realmente ayudado me mejorar mis habilidades mágicas. ˇAgradece tanto por hacerlo!

Lexine   23-September-11 - 02:38:24
If information were soccer, this would be a gooooaol!

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