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Mural Painting - Applications & Techniques - Comments

Mural Painting - Applications & Techniques - a text-based guides to the technical aspects of mural painting, covering such topics as selecting a mural paint, mural surfaces, surface preparation, choosing colors, paint application, testing adhesion, final protective varnishes and more

sunita pednekar   09-January-2003 - 04:53:20
very useful & informative However if pictures would have given more clearer idea for the beginners

April Zachary   31-January-2003 - 12:54:21
Added links to resources for books regarding Mural painting, info on prefigured grids; brushes, etc... would be great. Thanks for the info!

Yianni Johns   30-April-2003 - 21:07:49
I have just been commissioned to paint a mural of the Trevi Fountain on a guys wall next to his pool. I was a bit unsure of how to prepare the wall but now seem to have a good idea how to get started. Thanks

kessie   21-January-2004 - 00:01:48
would be nice to add a 'printer friendly version' as an option.

Sadiya Younus   22-February-2004 - 09:49:29
A very nice,precise and to the point site. I actually had an assignment to look up for the techniques and everything related to murals n i find it really informative

Nita in WA state   17-October-2004 - 16:45:17
I'm working on my first large painting, 8' x 4' ... and your information was very useful. Thank you.

dd   13-May-2006 - 17:12:20
I want to paint a mural "hawaiian sunset" style 4'x6'. Have had some art lessons, but can't get proportions correct. What is the "rule of thumb" for a "proportionally" correct painting?

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