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Ballet-Modern FAQ - Comments

Ballet-Modern FAQ - answers to frequently-asked questions about ballet, its history, modern dance and more from users of the newsgroup arts.ballet, answerering such questions as "What is ballet?", "What is modern dance?", "What is a ballet class like?" "What is a barre?", "Do women really dance on their toes? Why?" and much more

Katrina   15-October-2000 - 15:41:01
My family and I are a middle class working family. I already scuba dive, which is a very expensive sport (about $1,000 for class and equipment, then add the regular air fills, and mandatory examinations) I want to learn ballet, but I don't want to go into another expensive sport. How expensive can ballet (classes, equipment) be?

dancer4life   14-July-2004 - 14:54:19
Ballet can get expensive in the long run, but in the beginning you only have to make a few purchases: classes(price varies), leotard($25), tights($15), and shoes($20). Check dance supply catalogues because even though you'll need to pay for shipping, they tend to be alot cheaper than dance stores. Good luck and have fun!

Jennifer   27-December-2008 - 09:23:27

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